Holidays that are easy on the pocket

Even when you’re on a tight budget, holidays are all about enjoying yourselves. An island getaway, seaside fun, family outings... Here are our top 10 suggestions for having a great time in Brittany without breaking the bank.

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Travelling around Brittany needn’t be expensive

If you’re planning to bring your car to Brittany, you’ll be glad to know that the road network here includes plenty of toll-free dual-carriageways - a little detail that makes a big difference to your budget! If you don’t fancy driving, you can get around by coach or TER (the regional rail network) – there are lots of special offers such as return fares at festival time for as little as €12.

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Lots of free events

There’s no need to break open the piggybank to get into the festive spirit. You can go to shows, festivals, concerts and street theatre every night of the week during summer: Croesty Mondays, ‘Thursdays at the Port’ in Brest, etc.,  not to mention the many major events that take place throughout the summer in Brittany, all completely free of charge. From sea shanties to ‘fest-noz’ (traditional Breton night-time dancing) and rock concerts, check out the programme now!

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Head off to the islands for a change of scenery at an affordable price

The Ile aux Grenats (island of garnets), Ile aux fleurs (island of flowers), Belle-Ile (beautiful island)... Setting sail for these magically-named islands guarantees you a quick change of scenery that won’t break the bank. Brittany’s 12 islands are the perfect place for a taste of something different, just a few nautical miles from the mainland. While you’re there you can go for walks, enjoy picnics on the beach or just take in the spectacular scenery.

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The feel-good factor is right here

In Brittany, you’ll find everything you need to banish stress from your life: fresh sea air, quiet restful nights and unspoilt natural surroundings. Relax and take things easy; go for a swim with the family; take a stroll along the canal and drink in the sunset… it’s easy to enjoy the simple pleasures of life in Brittany.

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Brittany’s beaches: playgrounds big enough for the whole family

In Brittany, there is no such thing as a private beach – which means that everyone can find their own little piece of paradise, the spot that’s just right for them. The beaches in Brittany are so big and so beautiful and the sand is so fine that you’ll find 1001 ways of spending happy holidays there with the family. You can sunbathe, build sandcastles, play football, have a picnic...whatever takes your fancy.

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Stunning sites in Brittany that you can visit for free

Many of Brittany’s top beauty spots cost nothing to visit. The Pink Granite Coast, Mont Saint-Michel bay and the Gulf of Morbihan are three areas of outstanding natural beauty that are well worth the trip. If built heritage is more to your taste, there are plenty of towns of exceptional architectural interest, such as Saint-Malo with its ramparts, Dinan, with its timber-framed houses, the walled city at Concarneau, etc.

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Eat wisely and well

Fancy taking the family to a restaurant? You can’t beat a meal at a creperie. A Breton ‘galette complète’ (buckwheat pancake with ham, cheese and egg) will suit the kids down to the ground, while parents can try other fillings and discover combinations of ingredients and flavours they had never dreamed of. And don’t forget the sweet pancakes, or crêpes. You’ll also get a chance to try local specialities at Brittany’s many food festivals.

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Walking and cycling to fill up on fresh air

Here on the Armorican headland, unspoiled nature is all around, and you can choose from various different circuits and trails in the countryside. Greenways are perfect for traffic-free family walks or cycling expeditions through varied countryside, either inland or following the canals or the coast. For seasoned walkers and cyclists, there are many ‘Grandes Randonnées’ (GR) cross-country trails, and the famous ‘Chemin des Douaniers’ (customs officers’ path) offers some outstanding views.

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Treat yourself to a Brittany Experience

Are you looking for something a bit different? Try a Brittany Experience! The locals are keen to share their passion for their homeland, and for as little as €4 you can step inside their world. Try a storytelling walk in the Monts d'Arrée, explore the coastline of southern Finistère, discover the magic of Brocéliande with Damenora, or try 'longe-côte', a new sport involving walking waist-high in the sea; whichever you choose, you'll have a really special experience.

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Sport and Culture for everyone

In the summer months, Cap Armor offers reduced rates for sports and cultural activities in the Côtes d'Armor. All events are run by qualified instructors, and you can choose from outdoor sports such as sailing a catamaran, kayaking and beach games, or indoor activities such as circus tricks and watercolour painting. In Finistère, 23 museums and cultural attractions offer reduced entrance fees.

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