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When you come to Brittany, watch out for the little flower. It is the symbol of the network “Bienvenue à la ferme”, and it grows all along the hiking trails and around isolated hamlets. More than 300 farmers have put up this spring-colored sign to point out the possibility of  reception, sometimes including accommodation. Don't leave out the occasion of spending a friendly moment on the farm, in close contact with the nature and animals.
At a “Ferme-auberge”, you will savour the specialties prepared by the farmers themselves, who will welcome you in a delightful frame set up near by their farm. You will get to know more about how the food that you eat has been produced. You will even be offered, in some cases, to assist the farmer while he's baking bread or making cheese. It is possible to enjoy these programs all through the year, which adds to life in rural areas in any season. Think of making a booking, because the accommodation is limited in order to preserve the family atmosphere of the places. Wherever you find a sign  “produits de la ferme”, you can buy the products of the land stemming from the farm. Strolling about the region, don't hesitate to stop and buy poultry, cooked pork meats, cheese, vegetables, cider, honey,... Certain farms welcome the visitors for a traditional tea-time, with crêpes pancakes, cider and breton far or custard flan made with prunes or raisins. Finally, nothing compares to an aperitif dinner under the apple-trees, with your friends or family, to enjoy a nice summer evening...
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Rural network « Accueil paysan »

Tasting an apple with true flavor, eating local products at the farm, going for long hiking tours in the countryside and getting to know about organic gardening or the making of bread: if you choose to make holiday on a farm, a very wide range of possibilities is offered to you. Founded twenty years ago by farmers willing to maintain the life in rural areas and to offer another development plan than the intensive agriculture, the network Accueil Paysan has waited neither for the fashion nor for the extrem urgency of sustainable development to take action. Conscious of the fact that their knowledge of the territory and their special know-how represented a great wealth to be shared, men and women enthusiastically started welcoming people on the farms.
Far from trying to get back to some hypothetrical Golden Age of the rural  world, they have opened up to the realities of modern life, provided that human and natural ressources are  respected. Today in Brittany there are no less than 140 labellized sites involved in the development  of rural spaces, putting up various activities concerning the discovery of the farmer's lifes. Backed up by real agricultural activities, they are committed to a common charter with strict rules to guarantee high quality accommodations.
There are numerous welcoming programs, all offering to spend friendly and delightful moments in company of the professionals. Resolutely promoting the  “art de vivre” and human exchanges, the members of the network are offering, among others, “la Table paysanne”, family type food to share with your host, or “ l'Auberge paysanne”, where you can meet the farmer without him sharing your meal. The seal “Les produits paysans” guarantees the quality of the farm-made products, and  the farmer will enjoy explaining his work and skills. Discovering the breton countryside through the network Accueil Paysan means experiencing a great deal of the authenticity and intensity that makes the everyday's life of those, men and women, who till the nature and live with it day after day.
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