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Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Côtes-d'Armor

Picture 1 Crêperie du Port

Crêperie du Port
50 quai de la République
22410 Saint-Quay-Portrieux

Enjoying an ideal location, the Crêperie du Port is careful to use only top quality ingredients in its crêpes and galettes (savoury buckwheat pancakes) (savoury buckwheat pancakes). Organic produce, apples from her own orchard…Géraldine Le Parc knows what her customers like!
You couldn't wish for a better location: it's just opposite the old port, which you can see through the large picture window, and Saint-Quay-Portrieux's market takes place just opposite every Monday morning, with its market garden and dairy stalls...Inside this crêperie, whose décor is inspired by the sea, you'll have an opportunity to taste crêpes and galettes (savoury buckwheat pancakes) made with organic wheat flour or buckwheat from the last watermill in Saint-Brieuc! "The vegetables come from the market, the apple juice is made from apples from my own orchard." And, because we're in the land of the scallop, "I do three scallop-based galettes, with leeks, mushrooms or parsley butter, and one, the 'Jacquouille', that contains andouille (tripe sausage), artichoke and Breton mead..." Her menu has plenty to tempt gourmets and Géraldine Le Parc is as likely to be found attending to the customers as in the kitchen. One more point to note... The Crêperie du Port has been awarded the 'Family Plus' label!

Chef's name: Madame Le Parc

Languages spoken

  • English


  • Crêperies gourmandes

Pets welcome : yes

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