La Mare aux Oiseaux * Tables et saveurs de Bretagne

La Mare aux Oiseaux restaurant

Saint-Joachim, Loire Atlantique

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La Mare aux Oiseaux *
223 rue du Chef de l'Île
44720 Saint-Joachim

Eric Guérin's’ restaurant, La Mare aux Oiseaux, in the middle of La Brière, takes you into a unique impressionistic world where every sense - smell, sight and of course taste - is stimulated with positive vibes.
Push open the door of La Mare aux Oiseaux (which means 'the Bird-pond') and enter a world of wonders, where there is a team of professionals waiting to greet you with a smile, colourful dishes that are exquisitely presented and taste delicious, rooms on stilts, a bathtub actually hollowed out of the rock, inquisitive crested cranes, a spa to relax in, amazing furnishings, and more. Such is the world of Eric Guérin, a cook with a thirst for knowledge and an alert mind open to world culture, who is very in touch with his surroundings. His garden is a treat for the senses. For the sense of taste, for instance, delights include sampling a grilled oyster with a cauliflower blini flavoured with saffron from Morbihan, and cod loin with Mexican lemon, squash, chestnut, truffle, hazelnut and a salad of lamb's lettuce from Nantes! The desserts, such as his Chocolate Bigouden, are sheer masterpieces. And when it's time to leave, you won't want to go but you'll still be picking up good vibrations.

Chef's name: Eric Guérin


  • Tables et saveurs de Bretagne

Access for the Disabled : yes

Pets welcome : yes

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