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Binic, Côtes-d'Armor

Picture 1 Restaurant A La Table de Margot

Restaurant A La Table de Margot
7 place de l'Eglise
22520 Binic

La Table de Margot is one of the most welcoming restaurants in Binic with some of the tastiest dishes on offer.
When you come to La Table de Margot it’s your eyes that get a treat first, thanks to the wonderful interior. This is one of the oldest houses in Binic and a former 17th century coaching house. For the most romantic atmosphere, couples should dine upstairs at La Table de Margot, while those who like a little colour should stay downstairs and enjoy the burgundy and lime green deco. Wherever you sit, you'll be sure to come back to La Table de Margot, so you'll get a chance to try the other room. But what you really come to La Table de Margot for is to taste new flavours and awaken your taste buds. Try minute-style sea-bass, sautéed langoustine tails with a julienne of courgettes, or fresh cod and mashed potatoes with chitterling sausage. Another sure bet is La Table de Margot’s skewer of scallops and smoked duck, and the fabulous rice with passion fruit sauce.

Guide rating: Gault Millau - Le Routard French hotels and restaurants

Chef's name : M. Dominique Boscher

Method of payment

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Access for the Disabled : yes

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