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Scrignac, Finistère

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Restaurant Lesénéchal
1, place des Troas Coant
Le Bourg
29640 Scrignac

Try the gourmet delights on offer at Restaurant Lésénchal in Scrignac, where the land and ocean literally embrace one another.
This restaurant lies in the heart of the Monts d’Arée, about 20km from the coast, which explains why the chef, Thierry Thomas, uses both coastal and inland Brittany as inspiration for his inevitably regional cuisine, which he inherited from his mentor and the former owner, Joël Lesénéchal. The starters at this Locquirec establishment include “Pied de cochon à la royale” (pig’s trotter) accompanied royally – as the dish’s name suggests - by home-made foie gras. To follow - depending on the chef’s latest fancy and the season – you’ll discover a harmonious blend of land and ocean produce in dishes like scallops served with a rugged accompaniment of veal sweetbreads glazed in port and a slice of sautéed foie gras. Afterwards, contemplate what a wonderful meal you’ve just had, from the top of the Saint-Michel de Braspart mountain or on Plestin beach – the choice is yours!

Chef's name : Pascale et Thierry THOMAS


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