Restaurant Patrick Jeffroy Tables et saveurs de Bretagne Maitre restaurateur

Carantec, Finistère

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Restaurant Patrick Jeffroy
20, rue du Kelenn
29660 Carantec

Come into Patrick Jeffroy’s place, … here, the word “cuisine”
evokes images of the land and the aroma coming
from a cooking pot.

It conjures up those forgotten sensations…

You may find some mischievous associations rather unusual:

Fried porridge, pork brawn and roast whelk,
buckwheat pancake and "the Johnnies' "pink onions, sour cream

Prawn “marinière” (i.e. cooked in their own juice with white wine and shallots), queen scallop and roast foie gras ,
celery and lovage juice

Pickled sardines cake, ginger soft white cheese,
black olives and chorizo cake (served warm)

Filet of bass in butter and herbs,
sand carrots and onion marmalade with candied lemon

Millefeuille of thin pancakes with red fruit, bergamot orange cream, red berry sorbet
“Maralumi 1er cru” Chocolate ice-cream,
citrus fruit in aspic, grapefruit and basil sorbet ….

Guide rating: Bottin Gourmand - Gault Millau - Michelin

Chef's name: Patrick Jeffroy

Languages spoken

  • English

Method of payment

  • Cash
  • Debit cards
  • Postal or bank cheques
  • Holiday vouchers


  • Tables et saveurs de Bretagne
  • Maitre restaurateur
  • Tables et Auberges de France
Prices * Minimum price Maximum price
Adult set menu 49 € 148 €
A la carte 65 € 150 €

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