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  • Le Château du Taureau
  • Dunes de Keremma

In this very mild coastal climate you’ll be surrounded by amazing landscapes, a wealth of nature and a unique historic heritage. Just look around! You’ll see birds and seals, and parish closes that might even look pink – no, you’re not dreaming!

Unmissable sites



At Brittany’s most northerly point on the mainland, the crazy-looking Plougre...
Château de La Roche-Jagu

La Roche-Jagu

Standing high on the side of the wooded Trieux River, the tough-looking Châte...
Château de Kerjean

Château de Kerjean

The Château de Kerjean stands in its own grounds not far from Saint-Pol-de-Lé...
Sillon de Talbert 1

Sillon de Talbert

Like an upright tail on the end of the strange creature that is the Côte de G...


The Pink Granite Coast, so-called because of the colour of its rocks, is one...
Plage des dunes de Keremma

Plouescat and the Côte des Sables (Sandy Coast)

What a stunning range of maritime landscapes! Along the shoreline of Plouesca...
Enclos paroissial de l'église de Saint-Thégonnec

Pleyben Saint-Thégonnec

Brittany’s rural church closes are renowned in France for their charming look...
Ile de Batz (29)

Roscoff and île de Batz

A 15-minute boat ride from Roscoff, the Île de Batz (pronounced ‘ba’) is a hi...
Macareux moines - Les Sept îles

Les Sept-Iles

These seven elusive, rarely inhabited islands lie about as many kilometres no...


Above the River Jaudy in the Côtes d’Armor department, Tréguier is best known...
Arrivée au château

Le Château du Taureau

Surrounded by turquoise and emerald waters, the Château du Taureau is a jewel...
Le Cairn de Barnenez

Cairn de Barnenez

Overlooking the Bay of Morlaix, the Cairn de Barnenez is the largest megalith...
île louët et château du Taureau, Carantec (29)

Carantec et la baie de Morlaix

The Bay of Morlaix is best known for its little islands: imposing Château du...
Morlaix à l'aube


With one foot in the Leon area and the other in Tregor, Morlaix nestles in an...


Phare de Mean Ruz à Ploumanac'h

Put on your rose-tinted specs

Shade your eyes! The beauty of the pink rock formations on the coast around Ploumanac’h, classified as a ‘Grand Site Naturel’, is dazzling. Keen to find out more? The free mobile app ‘Pink Granite Tour’ offers a guide to 40 points of interest; look out for the onsite information points. The strange sculpted rocks have unusual names such as ‘Tas de Crêpes’ (Pile of Crêpes), ‘Champignon’ (Mushroom) and ‘Sorcière’ (Witch). Along the ‘sentier des douaniers’ coast path (customs officers’ path, GR34), you can have fun identifying them from their names, to piece together an enormous jigsaw puzzle of granite that was scattered to the four winds 300 million years ago.   

Côte de granit rose - Baie de Morlaix — Carte
Plougrescant à vélo

Nature, in bucket-fulls

From giant granite rock formations to a confetti of tiny islands, Brittany’s natural beauty is hugely seductive. If you enjoy wildlife, plants and spectacular landscapes you’ll find it impossible to resist the charms of Plougrescant. To start with, there’s that tiny house wedged between two rocks. Then there are geological curiosities, areas of wilderness, unusual land formations... the pebbly, impossibly narrow stretch of land known as the Sillon du Talbert, the distinctive sand dunes at Keremma and the wooded Traouïero Valley have all these qualities rolled into one! As for Morlaix Bay, chiselled into the coastline, and the Monts d’Arrée mountains that seem to hang from the clouds, they’ll leave you speechless.


High-flying fauna

On these protected nature reserves you have a front row seat for watching the non-stop ballet of wings, bird-calls and feathers skimming the waves. Large numbers of northern gannets and puffins live on the Sept-Iles archipelago, the largest natural reserve on the French coast. On the Ile Grande, the Sept-Îles nature reserve’svisitor centre offers excursions led by the French society for the protection of birds. Nearby, waders have found sanctuary on the granite rocks of Castel Erek. Terns and cormorants have colonised Morlaix Bay. Put on your snorkel and fins and dive with grey seals, experts at holding their breath, who also inhabit the bay.

Ville de Roscoff

Heritage steeped in the past

Step inland from the coast and you’ll discover an astonishing variety of pretty towns all brimming with character, each with its own unique architecture and history. Roscoff, the most ‘British’ of the Breton ports, is also famous for its richly-decorated ship-owners’ houses, a real architectural highlight. Morlaix, Lannion and Pontrieux are well known for their beautiful half-timbered houses. The village of Guerlesquin has houses built from the local granite. La Roche-Derrien is the former stronghold that guarded the banks of the river Jaudy. Where will you start your tour?

Eglise Saint-Thégonnec

Parish closes in the Beaumanoir style

Only in Brittany! Each with its church, cavalry, ossuary, cemetery and triumphal arch, these parish closes are a unique type of architectural ensemble. From the mountains to the sea, they make an unusual and poignant tour of Breton architectural heritage. The parish closes of Saint-Thégonnec, Saint-Jean-du-Doigt, Plougonven, Guimillau and Lampaul-Guimillau are not to be missed. Catch them lit up at night, to appreciate their full majesty. You’ll discover another special feature of the Trégor region if you look at the bell towers! They’re examples of the Beaumanoir style, a local and family speciality from the 15th century.

Plage de l'île de Batz

Islands where anything could happen

Aboard a sailboat, kayak or speedboat, cross the waves to this confetti of tiny islands just a few nautical miles off the coast. Here you’ll find peace and quiet, and make lots of discoveries. For birdwatching, head for the Sept-Îles archipelago. A visit to the Château du Taureau fortress is a must for history buffs and adventure seekers. Fancy playing Robinson Crusoe? Spend a night on the islands of Louët or Millau. You think Mediterranean vegetation has no place in Brittany? Think again! Visit the isle of Batz and walk to the isle of Callot at low tide to see for yourself!

Plage de Carantec

Family fun

For kids’ clubs and activity centres with a nautical theme, storytelling walks and many more activities, take the family round the coast of Carantec, Locquirec, Plougasnou, Trébeurden, Perros-Guirec, Roscoff and Plouescat – the kids will have the time of their lives! These seaside resorts, members of the Sensation Bretagne network, offer tailor-made packages and activities that will take your family off the beaten track. Watch out for the travelling Place aux Mômes festival for kids… boredom is not on the agenda!

Chars à voile — Plouescat

On the water or on dry land, discover your sport

Are you more into wind, waves or speed? The vast stretches of coastline mean that all kinds of outdoor activities are on the menu. Grab some thrills! Locquirec is surfing heaven, Perros-Guirec is paddle board paradise. For diving, head to Ploumanac’h. At the Plestin-les-Grèves watersports centre you can try land yachting. Fancy exploring the Monts d’Arrée hills on a mountain bike – or is it too much of a climb? Then why not hire an electric bike in Morlaix or Lannion. And yes, it still counts as a fun activity!

Jardin Geroge Delaselle — Île de Batz

A splash of colour

Pampered by the Gulf Stream and the coastal climate, remarkable gardens bloom in lovely natural settings. Next to the sea, alongside a river, at the foot of a castle, come and admire them and get some inspiration. The exotic vegetation of the Jardins de Roscoff and the isle of Batz is amazing. Go back in time in the medieval gardens of La Roche-Jagu castle. Enjoy the views from the heights of the Jardins de Kestellic. Not to mention the gardens of Pellinec, Kerdalo and many more. If you prefer vegetables, head to the educational farm run by the Légumes Project.

Cité des Télécoms à Pleumeur-Bodou

Science is fun!

Brush up on your knowledge as you discover the area’s scientific and industrial past. At the futuristic Parc du Radôme centre in Pleumeur-Bodou, the planetarium will leave you star-struck, while the history of telecoms exhibit will take you from Morse code to 4G towards a paperless future. Speaking of paper, there’s the former Vallée paper-mill in Belle-Isle-en-Terre, now transformed into a cultural centre on the banks of the river. Behind the walls of the Philomenn brewery and the Warenghem distillery, it’s more a question of beer and whiskey. Take a guided tour and quench your thirst for knowledge!

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