Le Château du Taureau

High seas and excitement in a fortress anchored in Morlaix Bay

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Surrounded by turquoise and emerald waters, the Château du Taureau is a jewel set in Morlaix Bay. Arriving by boat is a truly magical experience: you’ll land at a fortress that’s steeped in history and surrounded by the natural beauty of the bay, and to top it all off you get to enjoy exploring a unique heritage site.

All aboard the ship of stone

It’s a short boat trip through the islets of the bay from either Carantec or Plougasnou to the foot of this golden granite fortress. The faithfully restored high walls loom above you as you approach, but the atmosphere is one of peace not of war. Visitors are free to wander around the gangways and explore the drawbridge and pillboxes, and to drink in the view from the terraces that look out towards coast and sea. The stunning panoramic views extend across the bay, with the Isle of Louët in the foreground. You’ll need to keep an eye on the boat schedules between April and September, as they’re governed by the tides, but otherwise it’s all up to you! To make the conquest of the fortress all the more thrilling, why not approach it by sailboat or kayak, as smaller vessels are given priority landing in the schedule!    

A fortress where nature rhymes with culture

Once ‘on board’ the monument, you’ll be able to get to know the castle’s history and enter into the world of legends as a guide leads the way. Scheduled theatrical performances and storytelling events are held in this setting that was created by the sea and Marshal Vauban, the famous 17th century military engineer. It seems as though you can still hear the booming of the cannons in this incredibly authentic setting. The castle also serves as an unusual hide for birdwatchers. Enjoy your visit and fill your lungs with sea air, and maybe fill up with a picnic. 

Memories written in stone

The fortress walls and artillery tell the stories of its many different lives. Built in the 16th century to protect Morlaix from English invaders, it was reworked by Vauban in the 18th century, subsequently becoming a forbidding prison and then an unusual holiday home, before being used as a watersports base. Painstaking restoration work has returned the fortress to its former glory, and it’s now your turn to share in Brittany’s maritime adventure.

Did you know?

Who lived at the Château du Taureau?

When it was a prison, the fortress ‘accommodated’ aristocrats at their families’ request to prevent them from bringing dishonour to the family name. During the Revolution, members of the nobility with overly grandiose ideas were held here, as well as the Girondins and Montagnards. The 20th century French writer Louise de Vilmorin made the monument into an often-visited holiday home.    

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