Get to know Brittany

  • Maisons en pans de bois à Vannes (56)

    Its history

    Brittany has known many stormy periods in its history, but it has been a cherished land since Neolithic and Celtic times. Caesar subjugated the ...

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  • Le Chaos du Huelgoat (29)

    Its talents

    Brittany has inspired storytelling and tall tales, from wildly exaggerated Arthurian and saintly adventures to 19th-century Romantic tear-jerkers. ...

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  • Les villas Belle Epoque de la côte (22)

    Its heritage

    From glorious walled cities and castles to extravagant churches, Brittany’s built heritage looks extremely appealing while recalling the concerns ...

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  • Monts d'Arrée, Roch Trevezel

    Its natural areas

    Renowned for its rocks, often wild in both formation and colour, Brittany has very distinctive looks. While the seascapes tend to the dramatic, ...

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  • Littoral breton


    Everything about Brittany is distinctive, from its geography and its granite looks to its traditions and its language. The region stands apart ...

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