French cooking made easy with Pierrick

Or how to amaze your guests with effortless dinner-party fare...

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Learn from a master with an afternoon with professional chef, Pierrick. In just one afternoon, he’ll let you in on his secrets: how to cook scallops, how he makes foie gras…No more panicking, no more stress: cooking with Pierrick reminds us that cooking is something that delights the senses with the magic of its colours, flavours and aromas …It’s a time for sharing, warmth and generosity!

The festive scallop!

Pierrick’s kitchen is in Plélo, just a few kilometres from the Bay of Saint-Brieuc. You couldn’t pick a better place to learn to cook scallops, because this is where they are produced and they’re the local pride and joy! When we arrive everything is ready: the vegetables are set out on the table, the scallops were bought that very morning at the fish market, and the herbs come freshly picked straight from the garden. It feels like Christmas is already here, particularly as the menu is something really special: scallop carpaccio with fresh vegetable tartare, scallop skewers à l’orange, and flambéd whisky scallops with seaweed risotto. Plenty here to give your tastebuds a treat!

An alchemy of flavours

The menu is amazing: are we really going to make all that in one afternoon? The thing is, Pierrick is just bursting with ideas and he loves sharing them. He gives everyone the recipes and, while we enjoy a welcoming cup of coffee, he gets down to peeling and chopping the vegetables as he tells us what’s on the agenda. He’s a joy to watch: he makes everything look so easy and natural. The tartare is already beginning to take shape before our eyes: a brightly coloured mound of carrots, Chinese radish, and diced peppers, with a sprinkling of Cayenne pepper and ginger to spice it up a bit, coconut milk to bind the mixture, and the chef’s special secret, 4 grams of Agar Agar vegetable jelly, made from 3 different types of seaweed. It’s tips like these that make all the difference!

Apprentice gourmets

Our turn now! Our little team gets to work. We can choose what we want to do – so we take it in turns to open the scallop shells, cut the scallops into thin slices, and then leave them to marinate for the carpaccio. One team fills the verrines, (individual glasses) while another adds the final touch – a little blue borage flower … and the starter’s all done! Now for the skewers. What could be easier – once we’ve got our assembly line in place: wrap the scallops in a slice of Serrano ham, slide them onto the skewers with some cherry tomatoes, pop them on the top shelf of a hot oven for a few minutes and hey presto! All we have to do now is…eat them.

Take your dish home with you

The workshop is a great opportunity to give yourself a treat and to amaze your guests, because we can all take one of today’s dishes home with us – 4 portions of scallops or a 500g terrine of foie gras, to enjoy with our friends, family, or a (very) special someone...

Text : Agnès de l'Espinay

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