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Whether you're travelling alone, with kids or just the two of you, here are some ideas to inspire...

  • Couple avec jumeaux en Bretagne under 5

    You need a constant stream of safe, stimulating fun with little ones in tow - here's some ideas for how to keep them occupied

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  • Char à voile à Cherrueix

    Holidays for 0ver 50s

    When your time’s your own, to be shared with friends and spent visiting new places, you can put together your own recipe for discovering Brittany ...

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  • With friends

    Are you 18 to 25, a bunch of mates, a group of girls or several couples, and just want to let your hair down? Brittany's the place to go for a fun ...

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  • between 5 and 11

    Too young for some things yet too old for others, if you've got kids aged between 5 and 11, here are our ideas to keep them entertained.

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  • Adolescents prenant des cours de surf

    ...teenagers from 12 to 16

    There is plenty to keep teenagers entertained in Brittany; here's our pick of the best.

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  • Couple en Bretagne other half

    If it's a weekend for just the two of you that you're after, there is plenty to choose from – let the romance begin!

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  • Vélo en solo


    A solo holiday in Brittany means total freedom – freedom to try out unusual sports, freedom to just follow your nose and see where it takes you, ...

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  • Apéro dans un café de pays

    ...a group

    Come and have a great time in Brittany with a group of friends, other couples, or even whole families. Here in Brittany you’ll find all the ...

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  • ...young adults

    If you’re aged 16 to 25, in a group of mates, girls on an outing or a few couples and you want to live it up a bit, then Brittany is the place for ...

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  • Char à voile à Cherrueix

    I'm travelling out of season...

    Mix yourself a Brittany cocktail to suit your own pace, and plan your perfect out-of-season getaway

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