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You need a constant stream of safe, stimulating fun with little ones in tow - here's some ideas for how to keep them occupied

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Get your wellies on and go shellfish collecting!

pêche à pied

As soon as the tide starts to go out, it’s time to get down there with your bucket and fishing net! There’s a whole world of crabs and winkles waiting to be discovered among the rock pools, and a great way to catch razor-clams is to pour salt into the little hole they’ve made in the sand and just wait for them to appear. Even if you don’t manage to catch your supper, it’s a great way to get some fresh air on the beach!
To find out more:
Good practice when fishing for shellfish: www.bretagne-environnement.org
Tide tables: www.shom.fr  

Experience the world with all 5 senses!

jardin de Brocéliande

This is a garden you explore…with your feet! Children will love the feel of over 45 different textures, as they walk across floors of buckwheat husk, shell, quartz, sand, rubber and more. Meanwhile, the sound garden is a great place to hear music and sharpen your ears, as well as making your own sounds from natural forest materials!
To find out more: Sound discovery centre
Réveille tes pieds (Wake up your feet)

Be a shipmate for the day!

Port miniature de Beignon

Get your life jackets on and cast off – it’s all aboard for the whole family on a mini electric boat to sail to the miniature port. Take the helm of a trawler, a ferry, or a steamboat and make your way across the several hectares of water at the edge of the Brocéliande or Villecartier forest. Land ahoy!
To find out more:  
Villecartier Nature activities: www.parcdesgrandschenes.fr 
Saint Malo miniature port, Beignon

Meet the farm animals

Toddlers just love farmyard animals, especially chicks, rabbits, cows and pigs, so why not take them to a farm for the day, where they can enjoy an authentic Breton countryside experience. They’ll get to mess around in the hay, stroke the rabbits, feed the chickens, gather the eggs and even help out at milking time!
To find out more:

Travel on a steam train

Be king of the rail-road for the day on one of the tourist trains that travel along the Breton railway lines.  Vintage locomotives take to the rails again so you can enjoy a trip round Brittany with a difference, as well as taking a trip back in time! As the stationmaster’s whistle blows, the steam engine puffs its way out of the station: all aboard!
To find out more: www.sncf.com

Enjoy Brittany on a donkey!

Balade en âne

Saddle up and get your riding hat on: your trusty steed awaits! Treat your little ones to an afternoon’s riding session on a docile pony or donkey. After a gentle walk around the riding ring or a short wander through the countryside, your little would-be horsemen will be ready for a longer trip to the ‘wild west’!
To find out more:
Accueil Paysan Bretagne www.accueil-paysan-bretagne.com
Bienvenue à la ferme www.bretagnealaferme.com  

Explore the wonderful world of animals at the zoo

Naissance des Autruches

Brittany boasts a dozen or more zoos where you can see a wide variety of animals, including some of the more unusual ones: pandas, ostriches, giraffes, storks and lemurs have all made their home here and even had babies! Treat your children to a day of new discoveries and fun surprises, including shows revealing how the animals behave in their natural surroundings. 
To find out more: zoos

Cycle along the ‘voies vertes’ (green routes)

There are 8 ‘voies vertes’ (green routes) in Brittany, where you can have a great family day out, walking or riding in the countryside in total safety. Some of them have views of the ocean or the canal, and they’re always certain to provide a breath of fresh air along a track that’s sheltered from the sun and wind. The routes are safe and secure, so your children can bring their scooters, trikes or bikes.
To find out more: voies vertes

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