Do something different: 10 great ideas

Fancy something unexpected, out of the ordinary, offbeat? Take some of the side-paths to enjoy Brittany in a new light. Unusual accommodation, unusual places and offbeat activities are all laid on for your next holiday!

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Spend a night in a lighthouse

Phare de Kerbel - Riantec

Have a high old time in one of these legendary buildings! The Kerbel lighthouse, at the approaches to Port-Louis, is ready to welcome you from its height of 25 metres. You have to climb the 120 steps to enjoy the 360° panoramic view over Quiberon Bay, Lorient and, out to sea, Groix. A comfortable studio flat with a mahogany parquet floor and designer furniture has been fitted out in the former lamp room, where you can enjoy the view the second you get out of bed.
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Traditional Breton games to keep you amused!

Brittany has always enjoyed a good game! There are still almost a hundred traditional games to delight young and old alike. After a few tries you’ll know all there is to know about palet (like pétanque, but with discs); boule gallèse (a newly-invented version of bowls); birinic (bar skittles), the forerunner of the pinball machine; and throwing the straw bale or the horseshoe. For a stopover that’s as entertaining as it is unusual, the Auberge des Voyajoueurs will introduce you to its world of more than 400 different games, from all parts of the globe.
Further details: La Jaupitre - Auberge des voyajoueurs

Canals at the speed of barges

Péniche sur le canal de Nantes à Brest

At an average speed of 8 kilometres an hour, enjoy the peace and the tranquil way of life of the canal! From Nantes to Brest or along the Manche-Ocean link, step aboard a barge (no permit required) and take the tiller – nothing could be simpler. You will discover all the joys of boating, stopovers in villages of character and all the sights of waterside life, with herons and kingfishers for your companions.

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Sleep in the land of the elves

Fancy spending a night in a world of magic? The ‘Cabanes des Légendes’ in Brocéliande country invite you on a fairyland journey several metres off the ground. Merlin and King Arthur will allow you to make use of their dwelling for a night, unless of course you would prefer the ‘Cabane Enchantée’ in the shape of a toadstool. Whether young or old, you will love the magic of the setting and the unrivalled views of the forest, as well as being awakened by birdsong.
Further details: The Cabanes des légendes - Unusual places to stay

A different kind of stopover on the banks of the Loire

Along the 60 kilometres of banks between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, in peaceful countryside, you will come across about thirty contemporary works of art, each of them expressing daring and boldness. Come and discover along the way the ‘Villa Cheminée’ perched 15 metres up in the air, the giant clock, the ‘bendy’ boat, etc. All these sites are freely accessible along the Loire estuary, offering the spectacle of landscapes that have been transformed for the occasion.
Further details:  Estuary Biennial

A stay in a “vintage” caravan

Caravane Vintage - Domaine du Roc

At the Domaine du Roc camping and caravan park, we’re undergoing a revival of bench seats covered in leatherette, Formica kitchen cabinets and flowered upholstery! Five classic caravans have been restored and are available for your stay in a sixties atmosphere. With their authentic styling they will simply ooze nostalgia for any baby-boomers amongst you and enable younger visitors to discover a vintage world. Don’t forget to pack your miniskirts and your flares!

Further details: Domaine du Roc

How about a water chute?

Feel like a new sensation on the water? Head for the Glomel water chutes! Aboard an unsinkable kayak or a canoe-raft, let yourself drift downstream and get ready to descend 25 water chutes. Between two calm water planes, these downhill slopes enable you to bypass the lock gates and pick up speed. Make a date with this exciting and often watery thrill!
Further details:  The Glomel slides

Harvest “white gold”

Marais salants de Guérande

The salt marshes of Guérande are truly a land of mosaics and an outstanding world heritage site. Come and discover the job of the paludier  -- the salt-marsh worker, the man of the marshes who harvests the precious crystallised condiment. The harvest is carried out in summer and it is then that you will be able to enjoy all the savour of the fleur de sel, the unrefined salt that is held in such high esteem by gastronomes.

Further details: Salt workers discovery centre

Yurts, tepees and Berber tents... in Brittany!

At the Domaine Arvor, you’re guaranteed to find things rather different! Mongolian yurts, Native American tepees and Moroccan desert tents have all been pitched in the midst of 40 hectares of carefully preserved natural surroundings. Awaken your wanderlust in this carefully conceived, authentic setting which will stir your desire for adventure. But that doesn’t mean giving up the comforts of fine bed linen and even an outdoor jacuzzi for moonlight bathing.

Further details: Domaine Arvor - Unusual places to stay

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