Top 10 outdoor activities in Brittany

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Fancy getting back to nature and breathing lungfuls of fresh air? Then visit Brittany! Here's a list of outdoor activities, accessible to all, that you can try with family or friends. Spend time chilling out, dining at gourmet restaurants, being creative, having fun, getting some exercise... check out our top 10.

1. Explore Brocéliande Forest and its legendary sites by electric bike

Merlin, the fairies Morgan and Vivien, the Knights of the Round Table... pick up the trail and visit the iconic, legendary sites of Brocéliande Forest. William, our young storyteller, will be your guide through the magical world of the forest, on a storytelling tour by electric bike.

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2. Kayak trip of the River Odet

Quimper is the starting point for a kayak trip of the River Odet that can be enjoyed by the whole family (from the age of nine). With beautiful scenery on all sides, you head off towards the Atlantic. Accompanied by a qualified guide with a passion for this region, you'll discover this beautiful wooded valley. Every meander hides a new surprise: a castle here, a heron there, and further along, Kerogan Bay. This three-hour trip can be enjoyed at your own pace. ‘Les Trois Grenouilles’ Kayak Club also offers short trips of around 5 km.

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3. Recharge your batteries in the forest with YogiWalkie

You've heard of outdoor yoga. But have you heard of yoga on the move? YogiWalkie is a new method invented by Peggy Ménager to energise body and mind, combining the benefits of walking, yoga and the great outdoors. This activity takes place in the forest at La Gacilly, on the Ile aux Pies (Magpie Island)... The walk lasts for an hour and a half. As you listen to your breathing and the sounds of nature your energy levels rise, while exercises improve your respiration, posture and sense of balance. The perfect way to unwind!

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4. A gourmet trip in the Bay of Cancale

During the morning or late afternoon lull, get into the swashbuckling spirit by enjoying a seafarers’ menu while cruising the Bay of Cancale. Guided by two enthusiasts - Jerôme, an epicurean sailor, and Emmanuel, a long-haul cook on the ‘Spice Route’ – you’ll sample around 10 tasty dishes from the seafaring tradition complemented by Roellinger-style spices. Raising lobster pots, casting the nets... they’ll show you the tricks of the trade.

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5. A photo ramble around the Gulf of Morbihan

Valérie, a professional photographer with a passion for the region, will teach you how to take photographs or, literally, ‘draw with light’. Standing stones, dolmens, chapels, forests and wild sand dunes... the landscapes of the Gulf offer amazing sources of inspiration. From framing your images to composition, appreciate the beauties of nature and give free rein to your artistic tendencies, to capture the shots of your dreams!

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6. Catch the wind: sand-yachting in Santec

Close to Roscoff, just opposite the île de Sieck, Dossen beach is a 1.5 km expanse of fine sand. This natural site faces due west and is one of North Finistère's top locations for boardsports. You don't have to be an expert to enjoy sand-yachting. Very soon you’ll be gone with the wind, taking deep breaths of fresh air! In the evening, the sun sinks into the sea on the horizon. Why not team up with a partner for a ride on a two-seater sand yacht?

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7. Float tube fishing at Jugon-les-Lacs

Seasoned fishermen and novices are all welcome to try a new fishing technique at Jugon-les-Lacs. A ‘float tube’ is a floating armchair that allows you to settle down comfortably in the middle of the lake to fish for pike, pike-perch and other carnivorous fish. Come on in, the water's lovely!

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8. Set off on an adventure trail in the Iroise Sea!

Are you up for thrills in a dream setting? At Le Fort du Bertheaume, near Brest, the whole family can have a fun experience on an adventure trail out in the Iroise Sea (from age 9). Buckled into your harness, with your safety assured by a continuous lifeline, you scramble over the rocks and gain some altitude on the Nepalese and Tibetan monkey bridges along the various trails on offer - not forgetting the two amazing zip lines!

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9. A canoe trip on Lake Guerlédan

Surrounded by hills covered with ancient forests, Lake Guerlédan is Brittany's largest artificial lake. It's also region's ‘green lung’. Take a canoe out for the day to appreciate the full beauty of the lake. You'll be accompanied by an instructor from the outdoor activity centre, and you'll see Bon Repos Abbey, the locks on the Nantes-Brest canal and the former slate quarries as you paddle along. The great outdoors is all around you!

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10. Learn to identify and cook with wild plants

To the south of Vitré, 40 minutes from Rennes, Marie Renée lives in a pastoral world that's a little slice of paradise. In what was formerly her family farm, now prettily renovated into a gîte and rebaptised ‘Aux Bonnes Herbes’, nature-lover Marie will help you to discover the flavours and nutritional value of ‘weeds’.

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