Bringing your pets to Brittany

It’s sometimes hard to find someone who will look after your dog or cat while you’re away on holiday. Fortunately, when you come to Brittany you’ll find plenty of holiday accommodation that will be happy to let you bring your faithful friend with you. 

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In tourist accommodation

Many hotels and B&Bs welcome pets, although there may be a supplementary charge per night. Some campsites may ask owners to produce a pet passport to show that anti-rabies vaccinations are up to date. Holiday lets, on the other hand, are legally obliged to accept pets, so there will be no problem at all in bringing yours with you. However, it’s a good idea to choose somewhere that has enclosed grounds, for your own peace of mind.

Pet-friendly holiday accommodation in Brittany:
Bed & Breakfasts
Holiday villages
Holiday rentals

In town

As a general rule, pets should be kept on leads in public areas. There are of course special rules for guide dogs.

Remember that you must always clean up after your dog in built-up areas. The Tourist Office will tell you where to find a dog toilet or poop-scoop bag dispensers.

On the beach

In Brittany, dogs love to go for a swim and then give themselves a good shake when they come out of the water. However, you must make sure you comply with any restrictions in force. Some beaches don’t allow dogs at all. On other beaches dogs may only be allowed in certain zones and/or at certain times. Even when they can go on the beach, they may still be banned from the water.

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Pet-friendly beaches in Brittany
see also the interactive map provided by ‘30 millions d'amis’ (a pet-lovers’ organisation)

Pet owners’ legal obligations


As of 1 January 2009, the only document that can be accepted as proof that dogs and cats have had their anti-rabies vaccinations is the European Pet Passport.

Pet ID

In France, dogs over four months old and cats over seven months old must be identified either by a microchip or by a tattoo. Pet ID can prove invaluable if your pets run away or disappear.

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