• Etoile marine croisières - Brittany

    Belle Angèle

    Pôle technique plaisance
    Quai de Terre Neuve
    35400 Saint-Malo
    What an honour to be part of the crew of the Belle-Angèle! The sea air has a different feel aboard this noble three masted ship.

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  • Sport nautique Saint Quay Portrieux - Brittany

    Saint Quay

    Esplanade du Port D'Armor
    22410 Saint-Quay-Portrieux
    All shipshape, the Saint-Quay departs from the port of the same name. For a day or a few hours, your voyage will be rich in excitement. Smiles at the ready!

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  • Bageal - Brittany

    Bro Warok

    7 boulevard de la compagnie des Indes
    56290 Port-Louis
    A day aboard the Bro Warok means an exciting voyage into the history of Port-Louis and traditional shipping. And a very pleasant way to sail to the island of Groix.

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  • Sensations Littoral - Brittany

    Le Narval

    32 Avenue Charles Guernier
    35400 Saint-Malo
    With its red toe rail, the Narval has a slightly maverick air. Perfect for setting a course to conquer the Pirate Bay! You can take a trip at 'cocktail hour' or sail off for the whole day.

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  • Krog E Barz - Brittany

    Krog E Barz

    Capitainerie Port Navalo
    56640 Arzon
    It's 8:45 at Port-Navalo. It's the right time and the sailing conditions are perfect. Go chase your dreams onboard the Krog E Barz. Five minutes after setting sail and there's a beginner at the tiller. Talk about 'in at the deep end'!

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  • Belle Plaisance - Brittany

    Fal Ben

    24 chemin de Gravellic
    56610 Arradon
    On board the Fal Ben, you'll get your first taste of traditional sailing in one of the most beautiful bays in the world! This vessel is typical of the Gulf of Morbihan and roams free among the islands, beaches and tiny harbours.

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  • Le Grand Lejon - Brittany

    Le Grand Lejon

    31 rue Arsène Simon
    22190 Plérin
    You'll be instantly hooked by the Grand Léjon! So come aboard, bring your enthusiasm and... a sweater. During your 12 hour voyage, this yacht will reveal the highly addictive pleasures of old-style sailing.

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  • Le Sloop d'Erquy - Brittany

    La Sainte Jeanne

    Maison de la Mer
    Rue du Port
    22430 Erquy
    In Erquy harbour, the Sainte-Jeanne is already inviting you to crest the waves. Give yourself a salty treat: up to 18 people can sail aboard this sloop for the day.

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  • La Marie Georgette - Brittany

    La Marie Georgette

    Café le Gavroche
    Keraudren Hent Pors Hir
    22820 Plougrescant
    Try a trip off the beaten track! The feisty Marie-Georgette takes you to Plougrescant's 'field of rocks', washed by turquoise waters.

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  • Actma - Brittany

    Le Popoff

    29900 Concarneau
    Take turns to hoist the jib or lower the mizzen sail - you'll soon be familiar with terms like this. Totally traditional sailing is a real joy on this historic boat.

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  • Eulalie - Brittany


    Port de Lézardrieux
    22740 Lézardrieux
    A friendly-looking man awaits us aboard the Eulalie: dressed in his sailor's pea jacket, Dominique, the skipper, welcomes his shipmates for the day. At 9:30, this sardine-fishing boat leaves the port of Lézardrieux.

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  • Voiles et Traditions - Brittany

    La Nébuleuse

    Port de Paimpol
    22500 Paimpol
    All hands on deck! At the start of your cruise, the sun-burnt crew introduces everyone to the Nébuleuse.

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  • Voiles et Traditions - Brittany

    Enez Koalen

    Port de Paimpol
    22500 Paimpol
    Do you want a taste of the real seafaring life? Even if you're a complete beginner, the Enez Koalen promises to be a fabulous experience. Fun and discovering life at sea are the order of the day!

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  • Sant C'Hireg - Brittany

    Sant C'Hireg

    Port de plaisance
    22700 Perros-Guirec
    The St C'hireg offers one of the best possible vantage points over the Sept-Îles nature reserve. Give yourself a breath of fresh air sailing from Perros-Guirec to the bird sanctuary.

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  • La Pauline - Brittany

    La Pauline

    Quai des Terres Neuvas
    22370 Pléneuf-Val-André
    In the little port of Dahouët, the adventure begins on the Quai des Terre-Neuvas. If you love history, need some salt-sea air or appreciate good company, you'll find it all aboard the Pauline.

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