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Visit the most famous pottery factory in Brittany

Quimper, Finistère

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Rue Haute
29000 Quimper

In Quimper, the HB Henriot pottery factory takes you on an amazing guided tour of its workshops, where everything is hand-made.
Established in 1690, and famous for its personalised lug bowls invented in the 1930s, the HB Henriot pottery factory has been open to the public for around 100 years. Moreover, it’s one of the most visited economic tourist sites in Brittany, with nearly 40,000 visitors every year! Here you can discover all the secrets of the potter’s trade, from design to freehand decoration of the finished product. Your guide will take you on a tour of the workshops where you can see the creative process at work. And who knows, if you decide to take some pottery home with you it might just be worth a fortune in a few years from now!

Languages spoken

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish

Access for the Disabled : yes

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