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Le Croisic, Loire Atlantique

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Océarium du Croisic
Avenue de Saint-Goustan
44490 Le Croisic

From sharks to seahorses, the Le Croisic Ocearium reveals the incredible diversity of local marine life. And with around 4000 species of fish and fifty aquariums who could ask for more?
Located between the port and the rocky coastline, the Ocearium in Le Croisic is home to an astonishing miniature world, submerged in 1700 m³ of seawater. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, via the Indian Ocean, set off on an expedition to cold or tropical waters and discover their silent inhabitants, both big and small. In front of Jules Verne's old submarine you'll find turtles, mackerel and horseshoe crabs. Surgeonfish and clownfish light up the lagoon with their shimmering colours while Moray eels and groupers hide out in the rocky waters of the Mediterranean. At the Ocearium, you can watch greedy penguins being fed, scare yourself in front of the huge glass-panelled Australian shark tank, or shake hands with a crab in the touch and feel pool...Here, you can experience sea life at first hand.

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  • English
  • German
  • Spanish

Access for the Disabled : yes


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