The beaches of Brittany: fine sand and wide open spaces

Unmissable landscapes, Brittany's beaches are among the most beautiful in Europe. They're widely varied in terms of their looks and moods: villas and beach cabins at Dinard, dunes and breakwaters at Erdeven. But they all have the same things in common: fine sand and a beautiful palette of colours where the sea meets the sky.

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Brittany's beaches are places where you can just relax, or enjoy sports and activities. Little coves and long stretches of fine sand or pebbles, the beaches are places to enjoy a real sense of freedom and they are open to everybody. They're places to unwind and at the same time they're natural adventure playgrounds for your children, with great accessibility and total safety.

Far from the eyes, close to the heart

From east to west, Brittany unfurls its 2800 km of coastline from the English Channel to the Atlantic Ocean, offering a wide variety of places to swim and places to stay. Whether a few metres or just an hour and a half from Central Brittany the beach is never far away whenever you get that irresistible urge to dip your feet in the water. That's the beauty of a peninsula!

A paradise for small children and big kids

Brittany's beaches have remained unspoiled but also provide supervised swimming areas and clubs for children. Families will want to take full advantage of the wide open spaces, whilst taking their time over sandcastle contests, shell collecting, sunbathing, picnics and swimming. At the beach there's something for everyone, even if you can't swim! Sporty types won't be left out; there's a huge number of watersports centres and most beaches have a sailing school. As for recluses and dreamers, they'll find quiet little coves. Everyone will get something out of their day, whether it's the kind of day for swimsuits and sun cream or if the weather's not so hot.

Pearls of the Breton coast

The 'Grands Sables' beach at Groix, the 'Anse du Verger' at Saint Coulomb, Langoz beach at Loctudy, the 'Grève des Curés' at Trégastel, the 'Blancs Sablons' at Le Conquet, the 'Mine d'or' at Pénestin, 'Pen Bron' at La Turballe... there are many candidates for the title of Best Beach in Brittany. But only you will discover the little slice of paradise that you fall in love with. 

Islands and headlands

Veritable jewels, islands and peninsulas Breton guarantee a total change of scenery. Coves, stretches of sandy, pebble beaches... Get inspired by our selection of iconic islands and headlands.

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