A sailor's paradise

Boasting no less than 2700 kilometres of coastline, swept over by regular winds, Brittany definitely deserves its reputation as a sailor's paradise. Thanks to the extreme variety of settings, there is almost no limit to the possibilities.

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Beginners can meander from one island to another on board a chartered boat and the next day try a  beginners' sailing course in one of the numerous reputed sailing schools. Experienced sailors can keep their vessel in one of the region's many marinas and share tales of derring-do with like-minded seafarers in Brittany's many ports.

Tradition and modernity

Brittany's has long been known as the place to go for sailing - it is, after all, surrounded on three sides by coast! Tradition and modernity melt together in perfect harmony - as they often do in Brittany - and experienced sailing schools are quick to pick up on new trends and are fitted out with reliable, high standard equipment.

It takes all sorts

The qualified instructors found in the region's sailing schools are on hand whatever your level - whether complete beginner or avid fan. Take lessons, hire eqiupment, seek advice or simply share stories; enjoy yourself while keeping fit and enjoying the great outdoors. And if it's a spur-of-the-moment boat trip you're after, look for the points Passion Plage dotted along the coast; you'll find ready-rigged boats for guaranteed pleasure in complete safety.

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