• Plage Ruidevent - Bilhervé - Brittany

    Plage Ruidevent - Bilhervé

    56840 Ile-d'Arz
    You’ll find peace and quiet on this pretty sandy beach, easy to get to on foot or by bike. There are no strong currents here so it’s a safe place to swim, and ideal for children. For keen sailors, the famous…

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  • Plage du Roaliguen - Brittany

    Plage du Roaliguen

    Easily accessible for children, Roaliguen is the closest beach to Sarzeau town centre. Very busy, it has still managed to keep its family atmosphere with its regular visitors and private sailing club. This is a…

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  • Plage de Saint-Efflam - Brittany

    Plage de Saint-Efflam

    22310 Plestin-les-Grèves
    When the tide goes out at Saint-Efflam it reveals the sheer vastness of this impressive beach. A gathering point for kite-flyers and sand yachts, the beach has a well-equipped watersports centre. With the Grand…

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  • Plage de Tronoën - Brittany

    Plage de Tronoën

    29120 Saint-Jean-Trolimon
    This long sandy beach, with lots of pebbles and some beautiful dunes, has lifeguards in summer. It lies between La Torche and Kermabec beaches. At low tide, 10 km of beach are revealed, allowing you to walk to…

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  • Plage de Kerleven - Brittany

    Plage de Kerleven

    29940 La Forêt-Fouesnant
    Kerleven is the main beach at La Forêt Fouesnant. It has fine sand and is over one kilometre long. It is generally sheltered from the wind, and is a great place for bathing and relaxing. There are lifeguards in…

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  • Plage du Prieuré - Brittany

    Plage du Prieuré

    Nestling at the end of Port-Breton Bay, this beach offers a very fine view of Saint-Malo’s walled town ('Ville Clos'). When the tide is out you can use the open-air swimming pool so you don’t have to walk so far…

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  • Plage de Nantois - Brittany

    Plage de Nantois

    22370 Pléneuf-Val-André
    This pretty beach, with its fine sand, is a year-round favourite with naturists. Well sheltered by cliffs and rocks, this is the perfect place to relax. It’s great for sports too: you can go sand yachting and…

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  • Plage de Kerbilouet - Brittany

    Plage de Kerbilouet

    Plages Arradon
    56610 Arradon
    Kerbilouet beach is sheltered from the north wind and faces the southern sun. The soft sand makes it ideal for families: it's a friendly beach where visitors of all ages will enjoy basking in the sunshine.

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  • Plage du Fort-bloqué - Brittany

    Plage du Fort-bloqué

    Le Fort-bloqué
    56270 Ploemeur
    This vast, fine sandy beach is near to campsites and to Lannenec lake and attracts swimmers throughout the summer. If you fancy hiring some watersports equipment or having sailing lessons, check out the "Point…

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  • Plage du Men Du - Brittany
  • Plage de Berno - Brittany

    Plage de Berno

    56840 Ile-d'Arz
    Berno beach lies on the quietest part of the Isle of Arz, and is an untypical spot where nature runs wild. Berno's disused tide mill with its 700 metre long embankment stands proudly in the middle of the bay,…

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  • Plage de Donnant - Brittany

    Plage de Donnant

    On Belle-Île-en-Mer's rugged, unspoilt coastline, Donnant is a popular spot with surfers. You’ll find two surf schools. Of course there are plenty of waves here, but the beach is still great for swimming,…

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  • Plage de Saint-Laurent - Brittany

    Plage de Saint-Laurent

    Rue des Bleuets
    22190 Plérin
    With its fine sand and promenade along the seawall, this beach can be enjoyed all year round. Situated in Plérin in the Côtes-d’Armor, the beach at Saint-Laurent is lined with pretty beach huts. The seawall…

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  • Plage de Pors Rand - Brittany

    Plage de Pors Rand

    Pors Rand - L'Armor Pleubian
    22610 Pleubian
    Whether it's gathering shellfish or just relaxing, Pors Rand beach has something for all the family. It lies at the end of the bay, just 500 metres from the Sillon de Talbert (a sandy pebble bar) and has lovely…

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  • Plage du Portrieux - Brittany

    Plage du Portrieux

    Quai de la République
    22410 Saint-Quay-Portrieux
    Set on the edge of the natural harbour, the south-facing Portrieux beach attracts lots of tourists with it fine white sand. And while you're getting a tan, Canetons beach club will keep the kids amused with a…

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