• Plage de Bétahon - Brittany

    Plage de Bétahon

    Plages Ambon
    56190 Ambon
    Bétahon beach in Morbihan is surrounded by rocky headlands and sheltered by the cliffs. Nature lovers will love this small, unspoilt beach of fine sand.

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  • Grande Plage - Brittany

    Grande Plage

    Plage Gâvres
    56680 Gâvres
    The large beach at Gâvre is located in Brittany's biggest stretch of dunes. Facing south-west, this beach has incredibly fine sand and is great for relaxing as well as offering a range of activities, including…

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  • Plage Saint-Pierre - Brittany

    Plage Saint-Pierre

    Plages Locmariaquer
    56740 Locmariaquer
    Saint-Pierre beach at Locmariaquer is unspoilt, sloping, and a great place to visit if you love nature and want to relax. Sheltered by the Saint-Pierre dunes and the delightful little wood at Er Hourel Point, it…

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  • Plage du Goh Velin - Brittany

    Plage du Goh Velin

    Plage du Goh Velin
    56730 Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys
    Close to the town, the vast south-facing beach at Goh Velin lies just behind the dunes. There are three shady car parks close by for easy access and picnic tables are dotted around so you can enjoy a glass of…

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  • Plage de la Palue - Brittany

    Plage de la Palue

    An internationally famous surfing spot, La Palue beach is paradise for fans of boardsports. Walkers often come here to watch the crashing waves and admire the skill of the surfers. Swimming is not allowed due to…

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  • Plage du Dourlin - Brittany

    Plage du Dourlin

    Ile Grande
    22560 Pleumeur-Bodou
    Set against a backdrop of little sand dunes, Le Dourlin is a quiet beach with remarkable views of the small islets around Île Grande, and in particular Aganton island. This is the perfect place to swim,…

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  • Plage de la Garde - Brittany

    Plage de la Garde

    35800 Saint-Briac-sur-Mer
    Regular waves and manageable currents make this a favourite spot for surfers. You’ll find a watersports school and centre here too. Running alongside the Pointe de la Garde conservation area, the beach is also…

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  • Plage de Saint-Jacques - Brittany

    Plage de Saint-Jacques

    Rue Erin
    56370 Sarzeau
    This little beach has the finest sand in Sarzeau. In the summer, there's a Hippocampe wheelchair available on request via the first-aid post. And you can try your hand at sailing or kayaking as there's a…

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  • Plage de Keranouat - Brittany

    Plage de Keranouat

    When the weather’s fine, Keranouat beach offers lovely views over the Glénan islands. Wild and unspoilt, it runs alongside the sand dunes and the lakes at Trévignon. This natural conservation area of around 300…

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  • Martin Plage - Brittany

    Martin Plage

    Rue Port Martin
    22190 Plérin
    This pretty, unspoilt, sand and pebble beach is sheltered from the wind by cliffs. It is located on a wonderful site just at the foot of the Pointe du Roselier. There are lifeguards on duty in the summer season.…

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  • Plage du Val-André - Brittany

    Plage du Val-André

    22370 Pléneuf-Val-André
    The pretty Val-André beach, very popular with summer holidaymakers, stretches over 2.5 kilometres of fine, white sand. It has a sea wall, for pedestrians only, that overlooks 1930s-style seaside villas. It’s…

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  • Plage Kastel Yar - Brittany

    Plage Kastel Yar

    Pors Guyon
    22610 Lanmodez
    Come and explore the wooded islet of Castel Yar, located at the end of Pommelin Bay. The fine, sandy, south-facing beach on this little corner of paradise is a wonderful place to relax. The cares of the world…

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  • Plage de Bréhec - Brittany

    Plage de Bréhec

    A magnificent fine sandy beach, Bréhec is well-sheltered from the wind and has an attractive seawall that you can walk along right to the port. In the summer, you can sit back and listen to the sound of the…

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  • Plage de Trestrignel - Brittany

    Plage de Trestrignel

    22700 Perros-Guirec
    Just 1km from the centre of Perros-Guirec, Trestrignel beach, with its fine white sand and rugged coastline, is not to be missed. Well-sheltered from the wind, it is encircled by the Pointe du Château and the…

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  • Plage de Trestel - Brittany

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