• Belle Plaisance - Brittany

    Belle Plaisance

    On board the Fal Ben, you'll get your first taste of traditional sailing in one of the most beautiful bays in the world! This vessel is typical of ...

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  • Krog E Barz - Brittany

    Krog E Barz

    It's 8:45 at Port-Navalo. It's the right time and the sailing conditions are perfect. Go chase your dreams onboard the Krog E Barz. Five minutes ...

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  • Bateau Cap Sizun - Brittany

    Bateau Cap Sizun

    The owl and the pussycat went to sea in a sieve - but at Audierne your craft is known as a 'cul-de-poule', or mixing bowl! This traditional boat ...

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  • Voilier L'Indomptable - Brittany

    Voilier L'Indomptable

    In Saint-Goustan, the Indomptable (Invincible) has found a new lease of life. After working off the coast of Brest, the elegant scallop-fishing ...

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  • Voiles Traditionnelles en Baie de Vilaine - Brittany

    Voiles Traditionnelles en Baie de Vilaine

    Belle de Vilaine invites you to experience something new, face to face with the elements. Sailing her is the best way to discover Morbihan's ...

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  • An Test - Brittany

    An Test

    Come aboard the Notre-Dame de Rumengol for a trip in 'five star' comfort. There's always room for pleasure aboard this strong and steady barge. ...

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  • Brest'Aim - Brittany


    The Recouvrance charms and impresses with its tangle of ropes and spars. But all it takes is a little elbow grease, some sun-cream and a sweater ...

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  • Bisquine Cancalaise - Brittany

    Bisquine Cancalaise

    As every salt-sea racer knows, the bisquine, a type of Breton fishing boat, is among the fastest and most prestigious of traditional vessels. It's ...

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  • Centre Nautique de Cancale - Brittany

    Centre Nautique de Cancale

    Fancy enjoying an on board barbecue? And discovering the feel and flavour of traditional sailing? Set a course for Port-Mer and the Bay of ...

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  • Actma - Brittany


    Take turns to hoist the jib or lower the mizzen sail - you'll soon be familiar with terms like this. Totally traditional sailing is a real joy on ...

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  • Les Glénans Concarneau - Brittany

    Les Glénans Concarneau

    The Sereine is the legendary vessel of Les Glénans. This cutter was the famous sailing school's 1st cruising yacht. Crafted for sailing long ...

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  • Lougre de l'Odet - Brittany

    Lougre de l'Odet

    Sailing on board the Corentin takes you back in time, to when merchant ships flocked to Quimper. Today the yacht sails where it will, just for you.

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  • Centre nautique de Douarnenez Tréboul - Brittany

    Centre nautique de Douarnenez Tréboul

    There's nothing like a trip on board the Telenn-Mor to bring you a taste of traditional sailing and sardine fishing! Welcome to a place where ...

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  • Un langoustier pour Douarnenez - Brittany

    Un langoustier pour Douarnenez

    This lobster boat will let you explore the maritime and natural heritage of the bay of Douarnenez

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  • Le Sloop d'Erquy - Brittany

    Le Sloop d'Erquy

    In Erquy harbour, the Sainte-Jeanne is already inviting you to crest the waves. Give yourself a salty treat: up to 18 people can sail aboard this ...

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