• 47° Nautik - Brittany

    Le Corbeau des Mers

    Vannes has been waiting for this for years! The Corbeau des Mers, famed for its response to the Appeal of 18 June, is going back into service in ...

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  • Les Amis du Sinagot - Brittany

    Joli Vent

    You just can't miss the sinagots in the Gulf of Morbihan! With their black hulls and red sails, they are full of charm. Why not set sail on one?

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  • Les Amis du Sinagot - Brittany

    Les Trois Frères

    Symbol of the Gulf of Morbihan, the sinagot has a delightful charm! Originating in Séné, this 100% traditional craft is your best guide for ...

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  • Les Amis du Sinagot - Brittany

    Mab er Guip

    The Sinagots of Séné welcome you for a trip with friends or a frenzied race between sinagots in the Gulf of Morbihan.

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  • Belle Plaisance - Brittany

    Fal Ben

    On board the Fal Ben, you'll get your first taste of traditional sailing in one of the most beautiful bays in the world! This vessel is typical of ...

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  • Krog E Barz - Brittany

    Krog E Barz

    It's 8:45 at Port-Navalo. It's the right time and the sailing conditions are perfect. Go chase your dreams onboard the Krog E Barz. Five minutes ...

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