Sailing ships of Brittany Le Corentin

The Corentin, three masts and a thousand and one stories!

Concarneau, Finistère

Picture 1 Lougre de l'Odet Picture 2 Lougre de l'Odet Picture 3 Lougre de l'Odet Picture 4 Lougre de l'Odet Picture 5 Lougre de l'Odet Picture 6 Lougre de l'Odet Picture 7 Lougre de l'Odet Picture 8 Lougre de l'Odet

Lougre de l'Odet
29900 Concarneau

Sailing on board the Corentin takes you back in time, to when merchant ships flocked to Quimper. Today the yacht sails where it will, just for you.
It's magical to see the three masts unfurling their sails over the black hull. It's even more exciting when you're hauling on the ropes yourself. Between Concarneau and the Glénan islands, crew members combine tips on handling with stories about the boat. On the oak deck, the sailors-for-a-day are busy hoisting, listening and admiring. Keep your eyes peeled to be the first to spot the white sandy beaches, a dolphin at play or another traditional yacht. The Odet river lugger cleaves the waves to reach the turquoise waters of the Glénans. In this glorious setting, the smart transom and sparkling wheelhouse are seen at their best. A dream decor for an authentic sea voyage! There's a change of gear for the return journey - by motor boat.

Traditional sailing ships Brittany

Traditional sailing ships in Concarneau

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