Sailing ships of Brittany Loch Monna

Aboard Loch Monna… a former scallop boat in Brest harbour.

Plougastel-Daoulas, Finistère

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Yann Roger
Port du Tinduff
29470 Plougastel-Daoulas

Yann helps you to relive the history of his scallop boat. After several months of work to rebuild the boat as good as new, he's ready to let you sail it.
After Dalh Mad, Loch Monna weighs anchor. "There's wind today; the bay promises us a fine sail", exclaims Yann, the captain and only sailor aboard. He knows his boat by heart because he was the one who restored it all by himself. He will get you to relive that experience in pictures by showing you a little file of documents that he keeps in the cockpit. That doesn't mean you can let go of the helm that he's entrusted to you. The sails billow and the boat speeds over the waves towards Ronde Island. There's a spirit of competition on board: the challenge is to overtake Dalh Mad! Between the showers that the wind throws at us, the sun breaks through and gives the bay back its thousand and one colours, so beloved by photographers. With your camera full of pictures and your head full of memories, you are ready to disembark, to tell of your adventure and recount the story of a former Brest harbour scallop boat.

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Traditional sailing ships in Plougastel-daoulas

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