Animal encounters

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Do you want to discover the animals that inhabit Brittany’s forests, countryside and seas, or those that come from more distant climes? Take the family to meet them at one of Brittany’s many zoos and aquariums.


Zoo de la Boissière du Doré

Lions in all their majesty, the perseverance of worker ants, the sheer elegance of a gazelle and the intriguing behaviour of bats...Who can remain indifferent when they come face to face with creatures such as these. In Brittany, there are numerous zoos welcoming young and old alike to come and discover all kinds of animal close-up.

Zoos in Brittany


Aquarium de Vannes

Look at that really flat fish! It’s a plaice and it lives on Brittany’s sandy seabeds. And what’s that one with all the bright colours and a sort of beak? That’s a parrotfish. Stop off at one of the region’s many aquariums and dive into the underwater world of the planet’s seas and oceans.

Aquariums in Brittany

fans de Bretagne

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