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Nature lovers already know it, and others cannot fail to agree once they’ve seen for themselves: Brittany’s landscapes are as varied as they are beautiful! Why not find out for yourself?

Fancy some country or sea air? Would you like to stride across the Crozon cliffs, shaped over the centuries by the ocean, or trek through the enchanted forests of Brocéliande? How about walking the Monts d’Arrée moors or following the banks of the river Scorff, just teeming with fish? Brittany is so full of natural treasures that it’s hard to know where to start! To fully comprehend the region’s diversity, and the need to protect this precious natural heritage, numerous associations and other structures are on hand all year round, helping you discover Brittany’s landscapes, flora and fauna, as well as its history, and the history of the men and women that live in this beautiful region.

Nature trips in Brittany

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