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Climb aboard for Batz island or Morlaix bay!

Ile-de-Batz, Finistère

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Compagnie Armein Excursions
Le Phare
29253 Ile-de-Batz

Take time out to breathe in the fresh sea air of the Channel aboard a panoramic launch. You won't be alone: you'll have the birds and some legendary stories as your companions.
The escapade begins as soon as you leave Roscoff harbour. Leave all your stress and worries on the quay and just chill out. At the helm of the Armein flotilla, the Créach family will take you to and from Batz island, for a tour around the splendid bay of Morlaix with a stop at the Château du Taureau, for a ride around the island or along the ports of the wild, rugged coastline. There are 2 boats, each with a course set for adventure, that will safely take you through the rocky waters to explore the area's maritime heritage. During the trip, the birds fly closer and closer and you're face to face with nature. Meanwhile the captain of your boat reveals all the secrets of the Breton coastline. Depending on your destination, he'll tell you stories of shipwrecks, and help you understand the mysteries of coastal beacons or island life. He really is the salt of the earth...or should that be sea?

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