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Lannion, Côtes-d'Armor

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Distillerie Warenghem
Route de Guingamp
22300 Lannion

Discover the stages in the manufacture of Brittany’s Armorik single malt whisky, from the stills to the ageing cellars.
Since 1900, the Warenghem distillery, created by Léon Warenghem, has been distilling, macerating, allowing to ferment and then aging a variety of alcoholic products, all known for their excellent quality. As you visit the distillery, you’ll discover the fascinating alchemy behind the processing of this Breton whisky. A little known, technical yet cosy world, where you will discover the carefully selected and crushed malted barley grains, and the slow and valuable work in the stills, where all is fire and copper. Then soak up the atmosphere, the semi-darkness and silence of the ageing cellars, where these Breton whiskys will linger for many years before they are considered perfect. To end the visit, give way to temptation and try some!

Languages spoken

  • German
  • English

Access for the Disabled : yes

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