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Douarnenez, Finistère

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Le Port-musée
Place de l’Enfer
29100 Douarnenez

Explore the Port Musée (Maritime Museum) in Douarnenez relating the maritime history of Europe, Asia and further afield. Get aboard the four floating boats!
In this special maritime museum in Port-Rhu, near Douarnenez, you’ll find some 200 vessels and 5000 sailing objects exhibited, bringing together, in one place, the maritime cultures, not only of Brittany, but of the whole world – whether for fishing or pleasure, at sea or on the rivers. The Port-musée reveals the secrets of boat construction, from hollowed-out tree trunks to the advent of the engine, not forgetting the complete language of sails. And what’s more, it’s a floating, open air museum - unique in France. Wander around and climb aboard. Several boats can be visited – from the bridge to the hold, from the engine room to the crew’s quarters.

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  • Musée de France

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