Nature rambles The Sentier d'Ozégan fun family trail

The Sentier d'Ozégan korrigan trail, original and fun.

Monteneuf, Morbihan

Picture 1 Le sentier d’Ozégan Picture 2 Le sentier d’Ozégan Picture 3 Le sentier d’Ozégan Picture 4 Le sentier d’Ozégan Picture 5 Le sentier d’Ozégan Picture 6 Le sentier d’Ozégan Picture 7 Le sentier d’Ozégan Picture 8 Le sentier d’Ozégan

Le sentier d’Ozégan
1 rue des Menhirs
56380 Monteneuf

The Sentier d'Ozégan, a fun family trail on the Monténeuf moors, where you can come face to face with leprechauns and experience unusual examples of natural art.
Ozégan the korrigan is a mischievous Breton leprechaun. Along a trail that crosses the Monténeuf moors, in the centre of the Morbihan region, Ozégan has some challenges and riddles for you to solve. Up to you to find the answers! To help, use your imagination, curiosity, and of course the korrigan map. It’s a great opportunity to follow the trails reading a fairytale out loud, make a few musical stops, and create some ‘works of art’ from natural objects. It’s worth mentioning that the trail is scattered with ephemeral, natural art. Made by several different artists, and in harmony with its surroundings, this art will surprise and move you. The Sentier d’Ozégan is never the same from one year to the next. Let yourself be carried away into the wonderful woodland world of these little korrigans. They can teach us a lot about nature and how to protect it.

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