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Carry out your own archaeological research on a genuine prehistoric site

Monteneuf, Morbihan

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Menhirs de Monteneuf
1 rue des Menhirs
56380 Monteneuf

Come to Monteneuf and explore the largest collection of standing stones in inland Brittany. There are 420 monoliths, 42 of which have been re-erected!
The ‘Pierres Droites’ are the alignments of menhirs at Monteneuf, to the south of the forest of Brocéliande. The site, which was discovered in 1989, has already been excavated seven times, and around 40 of the stones have been raised to their original vertical position. And you don’t have to be an archaeologist to find something to interest you here! You can have lots of fun taking part in all the educational and scientific experiences on offer; some last a day, others just an hour or so. Things like how to move a menhir, fire-lighting, pottery, making Neolithic jewellery, etc. You can join in an archaeological research exercise where it’s up to you to uncover the evidence by looking carefully at the menhirs, walking through a reconstructed Neolithic village and finding out how life was lived in prehistoric times. In 2014, every Wednesday and Friday in summer, you can become a prehistoric builder, using polished stone axes, flint knives, etc. On Sunday 20 July , come and join in a major site-clearing working party in preparation for the building of a new Neolithic village.

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