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Which side of the bay are you on? Trégor or Léon?

Morlaix, Finistère

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Office de Tourisme de Morlaix
Maison Penanault
10 place Charles de Gaulle
29600 Morlaix

Whether you’re on the Trégor or the Léon side of the bay, on the coast or inland, the riches of Morlaix, its landscape and pretty bay are yours for the taking.
In Morlaix, wander through the cobbled alleyways with their stone steps and unique ‘maisons à Pondalez’, or overhanging houses. Visit the Italian Baroque style theatre, or walk under the viaduct’s imposing archways on your way to the port. Discover the river opening out into the bay, scattered with tiny islands: the Isle of Louët, with its one house, the ‘Château du Taureau’ (Bull’s Castle) or Callot island that you can only access on foot for a couple of hours each day. Carry on to Carantec and then Barnenez cairn. On the Trégor side of the bay, don’t miss the Pointe de Beg ar Fry, a massive ochre-coloured granite formation or the delightful little port of Locquirec. Further inland, unravel the history and heritage of the parish close, testimony to the economic wealth of the region during the 15th to 17th centuries and to the influence of religion in Brittany.

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