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RGame - Paintball Aventures
La Basse Forêt
35440 Dingé

The R-Game paintball site at Quelven, in the Morbihan forest, extends over eight hectares of dark, wild woodland. Play war games as if for real.
Creep along the trenches. Camouflage yourself in the foliage. Take up position behind the barrels. With your gun in your hand, armed with paintballs, you're in the heat of the action… The R-game paintball field is laid out under the shadow of huge trees, between old tyres and wrecked cars. To avoid ending up splashed with fake blood from head to foot, you have to out-smart the others or stay hidden. Weapons and protective clothing are provided, as well as combat scenarios: will you go for Medal of honour, Blair Witch or Castle-fort? Quelven's paintball site includes a large indoor area (1,500 sq. m.) set up on a Stalingrad theme. Fancy yourself as a warrior? Need to let off steam with your mates? Your move...

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