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The Tropics in Brittany!

Saint-Jacut-les-Pins, Morbihan

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Tropical Parc
56220 Saint-Jacut-les-Pins

Come and discover a unique exotic park that brings together plants, animals and crafts from every continent.
You won’t need a passport or a visa, but you can still do a world tour in just two hours! At Tropical Parc, there are six exotic gardens for you to explore. The park’s five hectares include Indonesian, Thai, Mexican, Australian, African and Jurassic sections. You will come across an Indonesian village with bamboo houses like the ones you would find in the countryside of Bali, a village populated by Thai craftsmen, an Australian farm, animated dinosaurs in a gigantic setting of canyons and waterfalls, and a bush-school surrounded by giant banana plants. In the Mexican pavilion you can marvel at the 300 giant cacti that are 100 years old; some are over five metres high! And don’t miss the big Australian aviary with its rainbow lorikeets, its sulphur-crested cockatoos and budgerigars, etc. Every afternoon at 16:30 you can come and watch the 35 rainbow lorikeets being fed. Other dates for your diary: from April to the end of August, the gardener’s show, and at the beginning of August, the Breton pineapple harvest.

Languages spoken

  • English

Access for the Disabled : yes

Pets welcome : no

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