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Pont-Scorff, Morbihan

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Zoo de Pont-Scorff
56620 Pont-Scorff

Hearing a lion roar is not a common occurrence in Brittany, but thanks to the Pont-Scorff zoo, everyone can get the chance to hear one.
More than 600 animals and 120 species from the four corners of the world can be found in the semi-open spaces of this tropical paradise at Pont-Scorff. Committed to both conservation and breeding programs for endangered species, the zoo is home to a variety of animal families, including hippopotamuses, giraffes, panthers, wolves and lemurs. You can even come face to face with the real stars of the zoo, a couple of white lions. Throughout the day, various animal shows bring together fun and acrobatics and set the pace of the visit. And when the parakeets, otters and marine birds get dressed up for the show, the place just lights up with the excitement on the children’s faces.

Languages spoken

  • English

Access for the Disabled : yes

Pets welcome : no

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