l'Ile aux Pies
©Bains-sur-Oust, l'Ile aux Pies|Emmanuel Berthier

Ile aux Pies and the Nantes-Brest canal

A pearl on the Nantes-Brest Canal

The site is a geological curiosity with a chain of islands at the confluent of the Nantes-Brest and Oust canals. In the middle of Brittany, cliffs rise up that make the landscape unique and transform it into a playground for active relaxation, on the trails, on the rock or on the water.

Discover Ile aux Pies and the Nantes-Brest canal

Facing the cliffs that plunge steeply into the water, activities become vertical in Bains-sur-Oust. In fact, Ile aux Pies is one of the most well-known climbing spots in Brittany. There are many lanes for newbies and experienced climbers on both banks. Outings can be organised with monitors to enjoy a variety of activities in safety – climbing, via ferrata, rope bridges, zip wires, etc.

Landscapes to discover on foot or by bike

For tamer activities, the towpath and a number of trails venture through this remarkable listed site. On the shores or above, walks follow the waterway and provide a better understanding of this famous water gap that fascinates geographers. The Oust meanders through a crack of granite and shale, hollowing out a wide canyon. The site is refreshingly lush with maritime pines, beeches, gorse, ferns, etc. Crows, jays, herons and woodpeckers accompany your steps with their cries and flight.

Did you know

Islands farmed by birds

Once upon a time, the islands did not have any trees. By hiding seeds to get through the winter, birds allowed groves to grow and to renew themselves.

On a boat and on the water’s edge

All the elements are full of life on Ile aux Pies! On the water, kayaks approach the different islands and skim over the water lilies. Small barges sometimes accompany their outings. On a boat or on the banks, fishermen tease carp and gudgeon. It doesn’t matter whether the catch is good or not, as you can make the most of the pleasant terraces and crêpe restaurants on the water’s edge. If you’re tempted, enjoy the multiple facets of this site to mix up activities, with friends or family. On-site, you can rent electric boats, pedalos, SUP, canoes, kayaks and bikes.

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