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Saint-Suliac and the Rance

A wonderful estuary harbouring a multifaceted heritage

The Rance Valley is one of the most distinctive estuaries in the region. While vast mud flats are revealed at low tide, at high tide the place looks like a narrow channel of sea. From Dinan to Dinard and Saint-Malo, the riverbanks are a glorious place to explore! There are picturesque villages and grand country seats, called Malouinières, galore.

Experience Saint-Suliac and the Rance Valley

The Rance, a Breton coastal river, flows forth from the Côtes d’Armor, all the way up to the English Channel, between Dinard and Saint-Malo. Over sixty miles long, the river is above all known for its tidal power plant and estuary where the banks are interspersed with bays and little river ports that are always bustling with fishing boats. Stop off in the pretty village of Saint-Suliac to soak up the peaceful buzz of the port and its cafés with outdoor seating areas. It’s bound to become one of your favourites!

Sightseeing in the maze of narrow streets

Founded by a Breton monk in the 6th century, Saint-Suliac is listed as one of France’s most beautiful villages. A well-deserved accolade for this former fishing village! To enjoy the authentic village feel to the full, come in the morning. The granite cottages have evocative names like Le Carouge (Blackbird), there are still fishing nets hooked to some façades, and the streets are so narrow in places that you may have to walk in single file!

Did you know

Celebrating local traditions

In early August, the village gears up for the annual ‘Saint-Suliac autrefois’ festival, when a host of fun activities are organised in connection with local traditions: games, culinary specialities and the traditional Breton music festival with dancing, called fest-noz. Another unusual event is the ‘fête des Doris’, when you can explore the Rance aboard these old-fashioned, long cod-fishing vessels. There will be something festive going on at each stop!

Ready to set your sights higher?

Hiking enthusiasts have a real treat in store. From Saint-Suliac, there’s a path you can take up to Mont Gareau for sweeping views over the Rance and the old Viking village below. But walk the other way and you’ll reach the little chapel perched high on the hill, where the views over the bay and the lovely beach are just as stunning. The best time to go would be at sunset. The fading rays of the evening sun cast warm, coppery glows over the village nestling in the valley.

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