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In Brittany, family holidays can also be cycling holidays!Hit the road together

In Brittany, family holidays can also be cycling holidays!

Are you planning to go cycling on holiday this year? Getting up bright and early to explore Brittany’s cycle paths is a chance to enjoy some quality family time and bring back unforgettable memories. With more than 2000 km of cycle routes and greenways, these amazing landscapes are waiting for you! Time to saddle up!

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Safety is an understandable concern. However, Brittany’s cycle paths and particularly its greenways are safe, signposted and specially designed to be used by children. Greenways are for pedestrians and cyclists only, with horse-riding permitted in certain sections.


A family day out on Brittany’s Greenways

Fancy a bike ride? Cycle hire is the way to go

Your car’s full, you still need to fasten the tent and pram to the roof rack, but you’ve promised the kids you’ll go cycling on holiday… The solution: hire bikes when you get there! Cycle hire shops and some hotels and holiday lets offer a wide range of bikes and cycling accessories, so you’ll be properly kitted-out before you take on Brittany’s cycle paths. Some professional cycle hire companies also have a network of bases where bikes can be hired and dropped off, meaning there’s no need to return your bike to your starting point. Time to saddle up!

Cycle hire

Whether you’re considering a long bike ride in several stages or a simple day trip, there are several options for cycling with your children:

• Child seats: The child sits behind the rider. While lightweight and inexpensive, they can become uncomfortable over long distances.
• Trailer bikes: There are two different kinds. The first adds a third wheel to the rear of the parent’s bike, turning it into a tandem. The second consists of a tow bar that connects your child’s bike with your own.
• Trailers: These attach to your bike, and depending on their size can transport up to two children or luggage. An added advantage is protection from sun and rain.

For maximum safety, don’t forget helmets, hi-vis vests and a bell to let other people know you’re there.
And don’t forget to stop, whether in a dedicated area or just along the route – after a few hours cycling or in the trailer, your kids will be keen to have a picnic or let off some steam!

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