What can we do if it rains?Forget the bad weather and enjoy yourself

What can we do if it rains?

It can be a pain when the rain is pouring down and the spirits of your troops are flagging… But don’t worry: Brittany is full ideas and places where you can have fun as a family without braving the elements. So forget the wellies and waterproofs and enjoy yourself while you wait for the sun to come out!

©Sylvain Lefebvre

Two, three or four people making a yoghurt cake together? Check. Playing hide and seek in your rental apartment without a cupboard? Check. There’s no need to get drenched: a rainy Brittany is a happy Brittany! Cloudy skies don’t have to dampen your spirits: there are plenty of rainy day options: banish the boredom and enjoy a fantastic holiday! You could explore hidden gems, or chill out together… there are plenty of ways to brighten up your day without missing out. As a parent, you’re full of ideas, and when you start running low, that’s when the sun starts to shine again!

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