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2022: My Dream WishlistBrittany, all the best!

2022: My Dream Wishlist

A new year, new horizons… the best of 2022 awaits you in Brittany! Month by month, dip into our holiday ideas to find something to make you smile, something to enjoy: step out of time between the tides, snow sports and wind; desirable spots, excellent events, a cool stroll on an inland path, then summer blooms…. Happiness begins!


All I WANT this year is...

In January… to try out different winter sports with friends

A vitamin packed, icy outing that is very much in vogue, take the plunge with some friends at Plouha for an ice swimming challenge, open-air swimming in the middle of winter. Forget the gloves and the wetsuit: here we wear a swimsuit – full stop! Return to earth gently at Into the Prairie, in Plélo. In this holiday village with its vintage, studio feel, they will find the words to build you back up: crêpes every day, home-made cake, a roaring fire…. Pssttt: for some invigorating contact with the elements, you don’t necessarily have to take the chilly route – with its unbeatable sea view and its top-notch treatment centre, a moment of well-being at the Spa Marin du Val-André is a moment suspended in time!

The little touch of folly that adds some spice to life can also be enjoyed in Quiberon Bay, where you can go “mermaiding”: children and adults are transformed into merpeople and swim wearing mermaid one-foot flippers in the idyllic setting of the Golfe du Morbihan… making a change to your winter!

In February… to score points for Valentine’s Day

This month, head together to south Finistère, between Lorient and Quimper, to a village all to yourselves – almost: Pont- Aven. Tucked away at the end of an estuary, the emblematic city of Gauguin is the perfect place to let your heart speak. Walks and a great view over the top of the little harbour are on the menu, with a stop at the Vivian Maier photo exhibition that starts this month, twinned with the one in Quimper – not to be missed. The evening has a taste of paradise at Rosmadec Le Moulin. The cooking is an ode to the land of Brittany, overseen by the 3-star chef from George V, Christian Le Squer… The best gift anyone could give (me)!

Fancy trying your hand at street photography or self-portraits, like Vivian? Book a course with Breton pros who get everything right, like Brest itself:

In March… to not choose between ocean and business plan

Work remotely with a change of scenery? Alternate between video calls and walks by the sea? Brest is the perfect place for this. From We Art Minds to Capucins, from Le Transfo to the Port de Commerce : start your zoom day Zen in a new place where you will feel right at home, only better. A change of scenery, open up to new horizons – a 2 hour boat ride away is an invigorating escapade to Ouessant; take a kayak in the Aber archipelago or discover the town and its bay from Kerbonne and its garden… The Brest way of life will suit you just fine!

In April… to play at Robinson Crusoe with the kids

The first fine days, an explosion of colour, Spring break in your sights: Brittany is going green. With younger visitors, as the heart of nature reawakens, book a stay perched where you want to be… with optional sunshine and wellies. At La Belle Verte, the eco-lodges are zen cocoons that blend with nature, where the hardest part is choosing between a donkey trek, an Easter egg or butterfly hunt, soap making…. or a Nordic bath with your head in the stars. At La Belle Folie, sleep in an all-comfort cabin with a unique design where you can have fun and learn new things with workshops for children and adults.


In May… to go away with my teenager, without getting their back up

Reconnect while respecting each other’s need for freedom. Enjoy special moments, without listening to them complain. Here’s the perfect idea for a break with your older children: Lorient! With its Surf City label and 132km of coastline…. water sports fans have it all. 20 minutes away, at Inzinzac-Lochrist, everything has been planned for you to get around without getting bored: whitewater kayaking, West Wake Park or try kneeboarding and wakeskating in complete safety. Take to the air, where the TyRoll at La Base will have them zip wire over the water, with Ile de Groix on the horizon… speaking of Groix, the Parcabout will entice the most blasé of teenagers into its nets, for a breakaway moment out at sea. Mission happy memories is a success!


On foot, by kayak along the GR®34 hiking trail… there’s a hint of truancy, a whiff of adventure – there’s your natural cocktail!



In June… to march along the Sentier des Douaniers

The air is sweet, nature is blossoming… It’s time to buckle your bags and head off together to breathe in the salty air of the coastal paths, treating yourself to a few escapades. Fall under the charm of northern Finistère; between Abers and Côte des Legendes, tick all the boxes: a gentle slope and panoramas that take your breath away. From Landéda to Brignogan, head for the woody banks and the fine sand of the magical dunes of Sainte-Marguerite. The follow the estuary landscapes and hop around: by kayak to the Ile Vierge and its giant of the seas, or by paddle to Meneham, heading for the Pontuscal lighthouse creek… A hint of adventure, a brand-new experience – perfection!

Mingle water fun with hiking


In July… to weigh anchor on the canals

A gentle adventure is in store this month, one to enjoy with the whole family on the water, setting off to explore the canals of inland Brittany. This large green lung is irrigated by bodies of water: an unrivalled place for slow tourism, winding your way between the lock houses in Petites Cités de Caractère®. On Ille-et-Rance canal, the one that joins Rennes and Saint-Malo, take your nearest and dearest on board, relatives and children, for an immersive experience in burgeoning nature. Take a tour of Léhon Abbey, the Dinan market, Combourg castle, a big outing for sweet and savoury pancakes, evenings that never want to end… Enjoying the moment is so refreshing!

4 ideas for floating along on the water

… a free-wheeling month of August

A breath of freedom is blowing this summer… away we go! The bags are packed, the route has been studied… forget the rest and take to the byways of Brittany by bicycle, along the canal from Nantes to Brest – from Malestroi “Perle de l’Oust” to Lorient by the ocean. This country escapade is even better with a friend, through ancient mediaeval cities, historical treasures, flamboyant architecture: Josselin, Rohan, Pontivy… and 100% naturally restful and luscious landscapes: from those of Blavet valley to Lorient and its sea breezes. There’s still some room on the luggage rack, do you want to come along?

Take inspiration

For September… to make the most of an Indian summer

Summer has added extra time and we are not going to turn it down! Barely home before we set off again to enjoy life’s little pleasures together over a break in southern Brittany with a gourmet theme. The current mission: discover Guérande and its peninsula! Seaweed caviar from Croisic, Breton lobster, butter kouign aman with Guérande salt, crispy crêpes… A fine selection of delights to nibble on with two kinds of inspiration: a foodie walk through the marshes of Brière and Guérande, or by following in the footsteps of the mischievous journalist Emmanuelle Jary. With her, from Croisic to La Baule, you can set off to take on the tasty and down-to-earth local specialities. The hedonistic break on my to do list!

A gourmet walk around Guérande

In October… a cocktail of music and energy

A weekend breather = with Grand Soufflet! Head for Rennes and a musical journey around the world – fun nights bathed in sound, dancing and partying. On the festival programme are diversity, sharing and side-stepping in the streets of the capital of Brittany, between wall art and art déco. At bedtime, you won’t want to miss a stay at EssenCiel: a tree-shaped hotel with 42 cocoons/rooms at the heart of the Domaine du Château des Pères, 20 minutes south of Rennes. Vibrant culture, decibels, the essentials… to make life worth living!


In November… to take my son to Saint-Malo for the launch of the Route du Rhum

Everyone is in the starting blocks: on 6 November in Cancale, a impressive flotilla of 120 boats will cross the starting line at Pointe du Groin. La Route du Rhum bound for Guadeloupe, the most renowned solo transatlantic boat race is on again… the sailors will be impatient for the off, but they are not alone: on the quays a popular party is held, emotions everyone can identify with, a finishing line in the tropics – this is what makes it legendary! As a family, you won’t want to miss a thing. Take advantage of the occasion to climb the walls of the Corsaire city, visit the King’s frigate, tuck into a pile of pancakes inside the walls…. All aboard for the party!


In December… an island setting to start the winter

In December, enjoy the serenity of the landscapes from the Breton islands. Like confetti floating on the water, with their ocean blue atmosphere where nature has reclaimed its rights.  With the open sea as a backdrop, everything is in readiness for a seasonal break that will take you out of time and into a new experience. On Belle-Ile, welcome the winter in a haven of well-being; snuggle up in a cosy interior where you can recharge your batteries after a stroll along the coastal paths (Did you know that the GR®340 trail was crowned French people’s favourite walking trail in 2022?). Head full steam into the new year!


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