A la rencontre des phoques gris en kayak

Close encounters in the Bigouden area
at Guilvinec

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  • The whole family can paddle kayaks to the Islands known as the Etocs to see their natural beauty and visit the grey seals that live there. Once they have seen this magnificent sight, young explorers from the age of 8 will be amazed.

    The voyage begins in Le Guilvinec, France’s leading small-scale fishing port. Aboard one or two seat kayaks, you will pass the small lighthouse at Locarec before entering the little islands known as the Etocs, which are well known for their biodiversity. Young adventurers will be amazed by the faces on the grey seals, who live there. They will also be able to study the wide variety of birds found here, as the islands are on the migratory flight path. And what can we say about the marine plant life that can be observed through the clear waters? In short, your children will not know where to look next in these 3 hours of exploration in the hands of a qualified instructor, who can answer all of your questions about the environment. Once back ashore, they will certainly remember this magical trip for a long time. And it is only natural that they will want to tell all their friends about it.
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