Advance Ride - Lac de Ty colo

Glide along the water 250 days a year near Brest
Jetskiing, Waterskiing at Saint-Renan

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  • It is on Ty Colo Lake in Saint-Renan that the first water-ski tow centre in Brittany has been set up. From March to November, beginners and more advanced students can enjoy the pleasures of wakeboarding, just ten minutes from Brest.

    The principle behind the water ski tow centre is simple: the wakeboarder is pulled along not by a motor boat but by a cable system. This means that the environment is respected and it is all very quiet as you can discover for yourself in Brittany thanks to Advance Ride. Enthusiasts, who are just having a break in the area, can choose between an hourly or half-day rate. We should add that in general it is quieter between 1 and 3 p.m. Maybe you live near the lake? Take advantage of our special season or week-end offers to get out there on the water from March to November, whenever you want. During the summer, training courses are set up with officially qualified instructors for those, who want to learn how to use the wakeboard and they can be followed from the age of 8. You can hire equipment at the centre (wetsuit and boards): just bring along a towel and bathing costume. Reductions are available for groups.
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