Seaweed is delicious and healthy!
Crafts and technical visits, Technical visit at Roscoff

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  • Algoplus opens the doors of its artisanal sea produce factory, which has been harvesting and processing seaweed since 1993.

    At Roscoff, Algoplus is open to visitors from April to September. The company harvests a dozen different varieties of seaweed and transforms them into unusual food products (green sea beans, sea parsley, vegetable mustard…). Part of the harvest is also reserved for manufacturing cosmetics. The Algoplus visit is free, lasts about 45 minutes, and you get to taste many of the different products. The aim of the visit is to share lots of original recipe ideas that are both natural and healthy. You won’t be able to resist buying some of the produce on offer in the boutique to take home with you. And you’re sure to leave with plenty of ideas that you might want to share with friends. Why not impress them with an ‘iodine dinner’!
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