Aquarium de Vannes

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Vivarium - Aquarium at Vannes

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  • Enjoy the company of clown fish, sea horses, surgeonfish, and hundreds of other beautiful, strange, and extremely fragile, species.

    Some 50 aquariums from 2000 to 110,000 litres create a moving undersea world that you could never hope to see in the wild. Seahorses from the Gulf of Morbihan, crocodiles from the Nile, electric eels (beware, it can be as much as 700 volts), piranhas from the Amazon, sharks, turtles from the coral reefs, etc. From the Gulf of Morbihan to the Red Sea, passing through the Amazon and the Pacific Ocean, you plunge into three different aquatic worlds to discover these treasures of nature. And in passing, you will almost certainly understand the need to preserve those species in danger of extinction (especially the seahorses in the Gulf of Morbihan). Yes, marine ecosystems must be protected, but we can all do our bit every day by adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle.
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