Ar Men Du

Ar Men Du welcomes a new Breton chef, who formerly played a starring role in Brussels
Hotel-restaurant, Gourmet cuisine at Névez

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  • After several years spent in England and Belgium, Philippe Emanuelli is going back to his Breton origins and taking over this superb site that looks out over the Glénan Archipelago. This former sommelier, who is passionate about seafood and mushrooms, offers a gourmet cuisine that reflects its surroundings: simple, stimulating and accessible.

    He’s written several cook books, successfully set up concept restaurants, created a range of dried mushrooms, and more... This is a man full of ideas, versatile and curious about everything. In his new lair, located on the beach, he concocts surprising sea-flavoured dishes, such as a tempura made from the soft roe of a male sea bass, fresh taramasalata made with the eggs of a female sea bass. On his menu, you'll find a Satay crab (cooked with a mixture of Thai spices), ormers with kombu seaweed from the natural beds in the Iroise Sea, or calves’ sweetbreads with chanterelles served with a confit of small new potatoes with bay leaves. Oysters from southern Brittany, fish from Le Guilvinec and Concarneau, poultry from Pont Aven, dairy products from the farm at Briec: Philippe only works with the best of the region’s produce. The restaurant’s cellars can offer over 600 varieties, with the focus on organic or biodynamic wines.
  • Chef
    Philippe Emanuelli
  • Environment
    • At the seaside
    • Sea view
    • Direct access to the beach
  • Equipment
    • Private car park
  • Services
    • Animals accepted
    • Disabled facilities and reception
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