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  • APEB, at Concarneau, is one of the only centres to run scuba diving beginners lessons and training sessions for children. Starting from the age of five, they learn the basics and have fun at the same time.

    You can learn to dive at any age. Or nearly. The Association Plongée Enfants Bretagne (Brittany Children's Diving Association), or APEB, specialises in teaching children to scuba dive. For kids aged five and upwards, sessions are held in the swimming pool during the short school holidays, with courses run over three days, while the summer is set aside for lessons in the sea (July and August). Very few organisations offer this type of training because the regulations require at least one instructor per two children. "With the very little ones, we mainly work on learning reflexes through playing games," explains Gaëlle Istin, technical manager at APEB. "From the age of 11, they start working for their level 1 diploma which allows them to go out on a boat and do longer dives."
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