Atlantique Jazz Festival

Legendary Jazz on the Atlantic
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Atlantique Jazz Festival© Romain ALL
Atlantique Jazz Festival© Bertrand Gaudillere
Atlantique Jazz Festival© Karl L
Atlantique Jazz Festival© Eric Legret
  • Every October, jazz brings the tip of Brittany to life, with some 30 concerts in 12 towns from Langonnet to Guilvinec. A creative and surprising month full of experimental sounds, culminating in a grand finale in Brest.

    Is Brest really a source of inspiration for jazz? The answer is yes, of course. The Atlantique Jazz Festival has just recently arrived at the tip of the Finistère department; however, it remains an extremely mobile festival with concerts taking place all over the area. This is a wonderful initiative, because it means you can enjoy concerts close to home as well as travelling to Brest for the closing event, at the end of October. While the line-up remains primarily jazz-based, the festival also offers the opportunity to discover other styles of music, such as Vietnamese, Sardinian, African or even Yiddish. If you happen to be in Brest, don't miss the marquee in the Jardin Kennedy park: a full programme of concerts over five days takes place there, with something for all ages.
  • From September 27, 2019 until October 13, 2019
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