Au fil du Jaudy en kayak de mer

Head up the Jaudy River by kayak
at La Roche-Derrien

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  • Enjoy a special moment with the family during this trip on the water, where your children can encounter many birds as well as becoming champion paddlers.

    In the Côtes d’Armor, come and tackle the Jaudy River. It goes all the way out to the English Channel at Plougrescant. There are two trips on offer: a day trip taking you down to the sea or half a day to reach Derrien. However long your outing, you are bound to meet some interesting birds: herons, shelducks, egrets… You have to be quiet to avoid frightening them away. It’s strange seeing them so closely, and your novice kayakers will certainly want to do just that. Apart from the ornithological interest, the Jaudyoffers some very strange buildings. Your guide for this trip will explain how tidal mills work, as well as the ponds used for retting flax, and the history of the aqueduct and the little customs’ house. Bring along something to protect your family from the sun and wind. An activity that can be enjoyed by everyone.
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